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:something that is of use
:something that is of benefit
:anything that places one in an improved position in coping with competition


:abundance of money

:abundance of property

:abundance of material goods


:an abundant supply of words

:an abundant supply of thoughts


:flowing to

:flowing toward

(24) affluent




:abounding in anything


:flowing freely

:a tributary stream

(25) aggressive

:vigorously energetic in the use of initiative

:boldly assertive

:boldly forward

(26) agile

:quick and well coordinated in movement




:marked by an ability to think quickly

:mentally acute

:mentally aware

(27) agreeable

:to one's liking


:willing to agree

:ready to consent



(28) agreement

:act of agreeing

:act of coming to a mutual arrangement

:state of being in accord

:the arrangement itself

:unanimity of opinion

:harmony in feeling

:the writing of an exchange of promises

:the words of an exchange of promises

(29) aid

:to provide support for

:to provide relief to

:to provide help to

:to promote the accomplishment of

:to promote the progress of

:to facilitate :to give help

:to give assistance :help



:one who aids

:that which aids

:that which furnishes assistance



(30) alert

:vigilantly attentive

:wide awake





:an attitude of vigilance

:an attitude of caution

:to cause to be on guard

:means a wide awake attitude as of someone keenly aware of the surroundings

:a ready attentiveness together with a quick intelligence

:a prompt attentiveness together with a quick intelligence


:having life



in a state of action in force

:in operation


:full of life


:having the quality of life

:full of verve



:alert to

:sensitive to

:aware of

:filled with living things



(32) alleviate

:to make easier to endure

:to lessen

:to mitigate

(33) allow

:to give permission to

:to give permission for


:to let have

:give as one's share

:grant as one's right

:to admit

:to acknowledge

:to take into consideration

:to approve

:to sanction

:to make provision for

:to make concession for

:granting the right of someone to do something

:conceding the right of someone to do something

:complete absence of an intent to hinder

:complete absence of an attempt to hinder


:to unite formally by treaty

:to unite formally by marriage

:to associate by some mutual relationship

:to associate by some mutual friendship

:to connect by some mutual friendship

:to enter into an alliance

:to join :to unite

:one who is limited with another chat which is united with another :something akin to another

:something resembling another

:one who associates with another

:one who co-operates with another :supporter

:having ambition
:eagerly desirous of achieving
:showing ambition
:caused by ambition
:strongly desirous
:requiring exceptional effort
.requiring exceptional ability
:one who wishes to rise above a present position
:one who wishes to rise above a present condition
:a person who wishes to attain success and puts forth effort toward this end
:ready to answer
:willing to act
:willing to agree
:willing to yield
:capable of being tested
:capable of being tried
agreeable to being analyzed

:having agreeable personal qualities
:showing agreeable personal qualities
:willing to accept the wishes of another
:willing to accept the decisions of another
:willing to accept the suggestions of another


:of adequate amount
:of more than adequate extent

:of sufficient measure
:of abundant measure
:fully sufficient for the purpose
fully sufficient for the needs
:more than adequate for the purpose
:more than adequate for the needs
:plentiful enough


:to hold the attention of someone agreeably
:entertain in a pleasant manner
:divert in a cheerful manner
:to excite mirth
:to excite laughter
:to cause time to pass agreeably
:to cause leisure to pass agreeably
:means to occupy the attention with something pleasant

:to please the fancy

(40) angelic

:of angels
:belonging to angels
:like an angel
:befitting an angel


:to give life to :to make alive
:to make lively

:tomake vivacious Ao make vigorous

to give zest to -

:to give spirit to

:to encourage

:to move to action

:to activate


:possessing life


:of animal life

:relating to animal life

:able to move voluntarily

:filled with breath

:filled with air



Ao create a liveliness

(42) animated

:full of life

:full of action

:full of spirit


:vigorous :made to move
:made to give the appearance of moving


:To come into sight

:to become visible

:to have the appearance of

:to seem

:To look
:to be obvious
:to be easily perceived

:to be clear

:to be made clear by evidence

:to come before the public

:To be placed before the public

:To come into being
be created Ao be invented
:to be developed

:To come formally before an authority

(44) appease

:to bring to a state of peace

:to bring to a state of quiet

:To bring to a state of ease

:to bring to a state of contentment

:to pacify
:to soothe
:to satisfy
:to allay

:to relieve
Ao assuage
:to yield to the demands of a person in a conciliatory effort
:to yield to the demands of a nation in a conciliatory effort

(45) appropriate

:suitable for a particular purpose

:fitting for a particular person

:suitable for a particular occasion

:belonging to a person

:to authorize for some specific purpose
:to authorize for some specific use

:to take for oneself

:to take possession of

(46) approve

:to speak favorably of
:to think favorably of
:to pronounce agreeable
:to consider good
:to judge favorably
:to confirm formally
:to sanction formally
:to demonstrate

:to show
:to make good
:to have a favorable opinion of someone

express a favorable opinion of someone
have a favorable opinion of something
:to express a favorable opinion of something

(47) ardor

:great warmth of feeling

(48) arouse

:to put in motion

:to stir to action

:to awaken

:to awake

(49) arrange

:to place in proper order
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1 abbreviate 31 alive

2 able 32 alleviate

3 absolve 33 allow

4 abundant 34 ally

5 accelerate 35 ambitious

6 accept 36 amenable

7 accompany 37 amiable

8 accomplish 38 ample

9 accord 39 amuse

10 accurate 40 angelic

11 acquit 41 animate

12 active 42 animated

13 actuate 43 appear

14 adjure 44 appease

15 admirable 45 appropriate

16 admiration 46 approve

17 admire 47 ardor

18 admit 48 arouse

19 adorn 49 arrange

20 adroit 50 arrive

21 advance 51 artless

22 advantage 52 aspire

23 affluence 53 assist

24 affluent 54 attract

25 aggressive 55 attraction

26 agile 56 attractive

27 agreeable 57 august

28 agreement 58 awaken

29 aid 59 aware

30 alert


:to shorten a word by omitting letters
:to shorten a phrase by omitting words _
:substituting shorter forms
:to reduce in length
:to reduce in duration
:to make briefer


:having necessary power
:having necessary skill
:having necessary resources
:having necessary qualifications
:having unusual skill
:having unusual intelligence
:having superior skill

:having superior intelligence

:showing talent

:showing skill

:showing knowledge

:possessing adequate power for doing something

:means power equal to effort required


:to free from the consequences resulting from actions
:to free from the penalties resulting from actions

:to set free from some duty
:to release from some obligation
:to set free from some responsibility
:to grant pardon for

:to grant remission of sins to
:to pronounce remission of sins to
:to remit by absolution
:to free from blame

(4) abundant

:present in great quantity

:more than adequate

:over sufficient

:having in great quantity


:richly supplied

:to cause faster activity
:to cause greater activity
:to cause greater progress
:to cause greater advancement
:to hasten the occurance of
:to increase the rate of motion of a body
:to change the rate of motion of a body


:to receive with approval

:to receive with favour to agree to

:to consent to

:to respond affirmatively to

:to answer affirmatively to

:to undertake the duties of

:to undertake the honors of

:to admit formally

:to reconcile oneself to

:to regard as true

:to regard as sound

:to believe

:to regard as normal

:to regard as usual :

:to regard as suitable

:to receive as to meaning

:to understand

:to receive


:to go along with
:to go in company with
:to join in action

:to be in company with

:to exist in company with

:to put in company with

:to cause to go along with

:to cause to be with

:to associate with
:to go along with someone
:to go along with something
:to go along as an associate on equal terms


:to bring to its goal
:to bring to its conclusion
:to perform

:to finish

:to complete a distance

:to complete a period of time
:to be in agreement
:to be in harmony
:to grant
:to bestow
:to settle
:to reconcile
:proper relationship
:proper proportion
:a harmonious union of sounds
:consent of opinions
:consent of wills
:concurrence of opinions
:concurrence of wills
:settlement of questions outstanding among nations


:conforming to truth

:consistent with a standard

:consistent with a rule

:consistent with a model

:freefrom error

:free from defect


:carefully prepared


:to relieve from a charge of fault

:to relieve from a charge of crime

:to pronounce not guilty

:to release a person from an obligation

:to satisfy an obligation

:to satisfy a claim ao conduct oneself

:to behave

:to free oneself
:to clear oneself

2) active
:constantly involved in action
:in a state of action
:in actual existence
:in actual progress
:in actual motion
:involving physical effort and action
:having the power of quick motion
:nimble:characterized by considerable current action
:characterized by considerable current motion
:characterized by considerable current volume
:characterized by considerable current use
:characterized by considerable current participation
:causing change
:capable of exerting influence
:requiring action

:giving rise to action

:producing immediate effects

:engaging in purposeful activity

:the active voice

:a liveliness in accomplishing something

:a briskness in accomplishing something

:diligence in methods

(13) activate

:to incite to action

:to impel to action

:to motivate
:to put into action
:to start a process
:to turn on


:to change earnestly and solemnly

:to command earnestly and solemnly

:to entreat earnestly

:to request earnestly

(15) admirable
:worthy of admiration
:exciting approval
:exciting reverence
:exciting affection

:a feeling of wonder
:a feeling of pleasure
:a feeling of approbation
:the act of looking on with pleasure
:the act of contemplating with pleasure
:an object of wonder
:an object of approbation

(17) admire

:to regard with wonder

:to regard with pleasure

:to regard with approval

:to feel admiration

:to express admiration

:to take pleasure

:to like
:to desire
:to wonder at
:to admire

(18) admit
:to allow to enter
:to grant entrance to
:to afford entrance to
:to give right of entrance
:to give means of entrance
:to permit to exercise a certain function
:to permit to exercise a certain privilege
:to permit
:to allow
:to allow as valid
:to acknowledge
:to confess

:to grant in argument

:to concede to

:to have capacity for the admission of at one time
:to permit entrance

:to give access

:to grant opportunity

:to grant permission

(19) adorn

:to decorate

:to add beauty to as by ornament

:to make pleasing

:to make more attractive
:to make more impressive
:to enhance

(20) adroit

:expert in the use of the hands

:nimble in the use of the hands

:cleverly skillful

:cleverly resourceful
:cleverly ingenious


:to move forward :to bring forward
:to bring into consideration
:to bring into notice

:to suggest :to propose
:to improve :to further
::to promote

:to bring forward in time :to accelerate
:to furnish as part of a fund
:to supply in expectation of reimbursement to proceed
:to improve
:to make progress

:to grow in importance

:to grow in status
:to rise in importance
:to increase in quantity
:to increase in value

:a forward movement in space
:progress in space
:a step forward
:actual progress in any course of action
:an effort to bring about acquaintance
:an effort to bring about accord
:an effort to bring about understanding
:ahead of time
:going before
:placed before
:made ahead of time
:having gone beyond others
:having gone beyond the average
:movement forward toward an objective

(22) advantage

:any state specially favorable to success

:any circumstance specially favorable to interest

:any opportunity specially favorable to any desired end

:any means specially favorable to any desired end


:superiority of

:ascendancy of

:a position of superiority

:to be in a superior position

:to be in an advantageous position

:possess an advantage over

:to good effect
:to be of service to

:to cause to advance

:to cause to progress

:to improve the position of

:to prove beneficial to
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