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:a mental impression produced
:a main idea
:a main meaning
:the making of a desired impression
:the result intended
:the purport
:the intent
:to go into operation
:to begin to function
:to produce a result
:to produce as an effect
:to bring about
:to make happen
:to produce
:to make
:something produced by an action
:something produced by a cause
:producing the intended result
:producing the expected result
:actually in operation
:actually in force
:producing a deep impression
:producing a vivid impression
:prepared for service
:available for service
:that which is able to produce a desired result
:that which has the power to produce an effect
:that which actually does produce an effect
(6) elastic
:capable of returning to its original shape

:spontaneously expansive
:springing back
:readily buoyant
:readily recovering from depression
:readily recovering from exhaustion
:readily responsive to change
:tasteful in dress
:gracefully refined
:pleasingly superior in quality
:pleasingly superior in kind
:pleasingly superior in preparation
:pleasingly superior in process
:to move to a higher place
:to raise to a higher position
:to lift up
:to raise to a higher state
:to exalt
:to promote
:to raise to a higher intellectual level
:to raise to a higher spiritual level
:to raise the spirit .
:to raise in some respect
:to make higher in some respect
:to raise something to a relatively higher level
:to raise someone up to a relatively higher state
:to raise people up to a relatively higher state
:to free from restraint
:to freefrom influence
:to free from bondage
:freed from control
(10) emotion
:an affective state of consciousness in which joy is experienced
:any feeling of joy
:any feeling of love
:any strong feeling actuated by experiencing love
:any strong feeling actuated by experiencing joy
:any strong feeling actuated by experiencing laughter
:any strong feeling actuated by experiencing peace
:any strong feeling actuated by experiencing adequate supply
:any strong feeling

(11) emotional
:pertaining to emotion
:involving emotion
:involving emotions
:affected by emotion
:subject to emotion
:actuated by emotion
:effected by emotion
:determined by emotion
:governed by emotion
(12) encourage
:to inspire with courage
:to inspire with spirit
:to inspire with confidence
:to stimulate by assistance
:to stimulate by approval
(13) encouragement
:the art of encouraging
:the state of being encouraged
:that which encourages
(14) energetic
:possessing energy
:exhibiting energy
:powerful inaction
:powerful in effect

(15) enhance
:to raise to a higher degree
:to magnify
:to raise the value of
(16) ennoble
:to elevate in degree
:to elevate in excellence
:to elevate in respect
:to dignify
:to exalt
(17) enter
:to come in
:to go in
:to be admitted into
:to make a beginning
:to come into
:to go into
:to penetrate
:to put in
:to join
:to cause to be admitted
:to make a beginning of
:to make a beginning in
:to begin upon
:to become involved in
:to share in
:to have an intuitive understanding of
:to make a record of
:to participate in
:to investigate
:to consider
:to sympathize with

:to share in
:to form a constituent part of
:to form a constituent ingredient of
(18) enterprising
:ready to undertake projects of importance
:ready to take on projects of difficulty
:energetic in carrying out any undertaking
:characterized by great imagination
:characterized by great initiative
(19) entertain
:to hold the attention of agreeably
:to amuse
:to treat as a guest
:to provide food for
:to provide lodgings for
:to show hospitality to
:to admit into the mind
:to consider
:to hold in the mind
:to cherish

:to maintain
:to keep up
:to give admittance to
:to give reception to
:to exercise hospitality

Ao entertain company
:to provide entertainment for guests
:to hold mutually
(20) entreat

:to ask a person earnestly
:to beseech
:to make an earnest request
:to make an earnest petition
(21) enviable
:worthy of envy
:very desirable
(22) equable
:free from variations
:uniform as motion
:uniform in operation
:uniform in effect
:tranquil mind
:even mind
:mind not easily disturbed
:that which can be made equal
:that which can be made similiar

:mental stability
:emotional stability
:mental composure
:emotional composure
:plain mind
:plain spirit
:plain feelings

(24) essential
:absolutely necessary
:pertaining to the essence of a thing
:constituting the essence of a thing
:being such by its very nature
:being such in the highest sense
:a basic element
:an indispensable element
:a necessary element
:the chief point
:that which is in the natural composition of a thing
:that which is in the very essence of a thing
:that which is in the very constitution of a thing
:to found
:to institute
:to build
:to bring into being on a firm basis
:to bring into being on a permanent basic
:to install in a position
:to settle in a place
:to settle in a business
:to cause to be accepted
:to cause to be recognized
show to be valid
show to be true
:to prove
:to enact for permanence
:to ordain for permanence
:to bring about permanently
(26) even
:on the same level

:in the same place
:free from variations
:free from fluctuations
:uniform in action
:uniform in character
:uniform in quality
:equal in measure
:equal in quantity
:equally balanced
:calm :placid
:not easily excited
:to make even
:a steady sameness
:freedom from inequalities
:freedom from irregularities
(27) even tempered
:not easily ruffled
(28) evident
:plain to the sight
:plain to the understanding
:clear to the sight
:clear to the understanding
(29) exalt
:to elevate in power
:to elevate in character
:to elevate in quality
:to praise
:to extol
:to stimulate the imagination
:to elate with joy
:toelate with pride
(30) exalted
:elevated in character
:rapturously exalted

:to clear from a charge of fauIt
:to free from blame
:freed from blame

Joclear of a charge
:to free from blame
:to excu I pate
:to relieve from an obligation
:to free from a duty

:to free from a task
:to unburden
:discharge a burden
(33) expand
:to increase in extent
:to increase in scope
:to spread out
:to stretch out
:to unfold
:to express in fuller form
:to express in greater detail
:to develop
:to increase
:to grow in extent
:to spread out
:to express more fully
:to express in greater detail
:becoming larger
:filling more space
:spreading out in every direction so as to occupy more space
:spreading out in every direction so as to have more capacity,

pages 78 to 88

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