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:having a moderate degree of heat as perceived bythe senses
:having a sensation of bodily heat
:conserving warmth
:maintaining warmth
:suggestive of warmth
:characterized by lively emotions
:characterized by lively sympathies
:strongly attached
:to make warm
:to excite cheerfulness
:to excite enthusiasm
:to excite vitality
:to inspire with kindly feelings
:to become warm
:to become enthusiastic
:to become animated
:to grow kindly
:to grow friendly
:to grow sympathetically disposed
:to become friendlier
:to become more receptive
:a store of valuable possessions
:a rich abundance of anything
:a profusion of anything
:a plentiful amount
:valuable contents
:valuable produce
:the state of prosperity
:having great abundance
:characterized by wealth
:pertaining to wealth
:suggestive of wealth
:rich in character
:rich in quality
:rich in amount


:a kindly greeting
:a kindly reception
:to greet the arrival of with pleasure
:to greet the arrival of with kindly courtesy
:to receive with pleasure

:to accept with pleasure

:to regard as good

:to regard as pleasant

:gladly received

:one whose arrival gives pleasure

:agreeably arising

:agreeably occurring
:agreeably experienced
:given full right by the cordial consent of others
:without obligation for the courtesy received

pages 271 to 272

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