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:something that is of use
:something that is of benefit
:anything that places one in an improved position in coping with competition


:abundance of money

:abundance of property

:abundance of material goods


:an abundant supply of words

:an abundant supply of thoughts


:flowing to

:flowing toward

(24) affluent




:abounding in anything


:flowing freely

:a tributary stream

(25) aggressive

:vigorously energetic in the use of initiative

:boldly assertive

:boldly forward

(26) agile

:quick and well coordinated in movement




:marked by an ability to think quickly

:mentally acute

:mentally aware

(27) agreeable

:to one's liking


:willing to agree

:ready to consent



(28) agreement

:act of agreeing

:act of coming to a mutual arrangement

:state of being in accord

:the arrangement itself

:unanimity of opinion

:harmony in feeling

:the writing of an exchange of promises

:the words of an exchange of promises

(29) aid

:to provide support for

:to provide relief to

:to provide help to

:to promote the accomplishment of

:to promote the progress of

:to facilitate :to give help

:to give assistance :help



:one who aids

:that which aids

:that which furnishes assistance



(30) alert

:vigilantly attentive

:wide awake





:an attitude of vigilance

:an attitude of caution

:to cause to be on guard

:means a wide awake attitude as of someone keenly aware of the surroundings

:a ready attentiveness together with a quick intelligence

:a prompt attentiveness together with a quick intelligence


:having life



in a state of action in force

:in operation


:full of life


:having the quality of life

:full of verve



:alert to

:sensitive to

:aware of

:filled with living things



(32) alleviate

:to make easier to endure

:to lessen

:to mitigate

(33) allow

:to give permission to

:to give permission for


:to let have

:give as one's share

:grant as one's right

:to admit

:to acknowledge

:to take into consideration

:to approve

:to sanction

:to make provision for

:to make concession for

:granting the right of someone to do something

:conceding the right of someone to do something

:complete absence of an intent to hinder

:complete absence of an attempt to hinder


:to unite formally by treaty

:to unite formally by marriage

:to associate by some mutual relationship

:to associate by some mutual friendship

:to connect by some mutual friendship

:to enter into an alliance

:to join :to unite

:one who is limited with another chat which is united with another :something akin to another

:something resembling another

:one who associates with another

:one who co-operates with another :supporter

:having ambition
:eagerly desirous of achieving
:showing ambition
:caused by ambition
:strongly desirous
:requiring exceptional effort
.requiring exceptional ability
:one who wishes to rise above a present position
:one who wishes to rise above a present condition
:a person who wishes to attain success and puts forth effort toward this end
:ready to answer
:willing to act
:willing to agree
:willing to yield
:capable of being tested
:capable of being tried
agreeable to being analyzed

:having agreeable personal qualities
:showing agreeable personal qualities
:willing to accept the wishes of another
:willing to accept the decisions of another
:willing to accept the suggestions of another


:of adequate amount
:of more than adequate extent

:of sufficient measure
:of abundant measure
:fully sufficient for the purpose
fully sufficient for the needs
:more than adequate for the purpose
:more than adequate for the needs
:plentiful enough


:to hold the attention of someone agreeably
:entertain in a pleasant manner
:divert in a cheerful manner
:to excite mirth
:to excite laughter
:to cause time to pass agreeably
:to cause leisure to pass agreeably
:means to occupy the attention with something pleasant

:to please the fancy

(40) angelic

:of angels
:belonging to angels
:like an angel
:befitting an angel


:to give life to :to make alive
:to make lively

:tomake vivacious Ao make vigorous

to give zest to -

:to give spirit to

:to encourage

:to move to action

:to activate


:possessing life


:of animal life

:relating to animal life

:able to move voluntarily

:filled with breath

:filled with air



Ao create a liveliness

(42) animated

:full of life

:full of action

:full of spirit


:vigorous :made to move
:made to give the appearance of moving


:To come into sight

:to become visible

:to have the appearance of

:to seem

:To look
:to be obvious
:to be easily perceived

:to be clear

:to be made clear by evidence

:to come before the public

:To be placed before the public

:To come into being
be created Ao be invented
:to be developed

:To come formally before an authority

(44) appease

:to bring to a state of peace

:to bring to a state of quiet

:To bring to a state of ease

:to bring to a state of contentment

:to pacify
:to soothe
:to satisfy
:to allay

:to relieve
Ao assuage
:to yield to the demands of a person in a conciliatory effort
:to yield to the demands of a nation in a conciliatory effort

(45) appropriate

:suitable for a particular purpose

:fitting for a particular person

:suitable for a particular occasion

:belonging to a person

:to authorize for some specific purpose
:to authorize for some specific use

:to take for oneself

:to take possession of

(46) approve

:to speak favorably of
:to think favorably of
:to pronounce agreeable
:to consider good
:to judge favorably
:to confirm formally
:to sanction formally
:to demonstrate

:to show
:to make good
:to have a favorable opinion of someone

express a favorable opinion of someone
have a favorable opinion of something
:to express a favorable opinion of something

(47) ardor

:great warmth of feeling

(48) arouse

:to put in motion

:to stir to action

:to awaken

:to awake

(49) arrange

:to place in proper order
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