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:of substantial character
:of enduring character
:following in a systematic pattern without any apparent :defect in logic
:theologically correct
:free from moral defect


(32) spirited

:having mettle
:showing mettle
:showing courage
:showing vigor
:showing liveliness


:of spirit
:pertaining to spirit
:consisting of spirit
:of the spirit
:pertaining to the spirit
:of the soul
:pertaining to the soul
:closely akin in interests
:closely akin in attitude
:closely akin in outlook
:characterized by predominance of the spirit
:predominance of the spirit
:delicately refined
:of the spirit as the seat of the moral nature
:pertaining to the spirit as the seat of the moral nature

:of sacred things

:pertaining to sacred things

:of the conscious thoughts
:relating to the conscious thoughts
:of the conscious emotions
:relating to the conscious emotions
:a spiritual song
:a spiritual thing
:a spiritual matter

(34) splendor

:brilliant appearance
:gorgeous appearance
:brilliant distinction
:great brightness
:brilliant light

:to move with splendor
:to proceed with splendor

(35) spread

:to open out in extent
:to distribute over a relatively great area of space
:to distribute over a relatively great area of time
:to display in full
:to distribute in a layer
:to apply in a thin layer
:to prepare a table
:to extend over a region:to send out light in various directions
:to scatter abroad
:to scatter knowledge abroad
:to move apart
:to extend over a considerable period
:to become diffused as light
:to become diffused as ideas
:to become diffused as influences
(36) stable
:able to continue
:able to last
:firmly established
:resistant to sudden change
:mentally sound
:having the ability to react to a force by maintaining position
:having the ability to react to a force by re-establishing form

(37) start
:to begin on a journey
:to commence any process
:to begin any process
:to begin any course of action
:to begin any procedure
:to appear
:to come suddenly into action
:to come suddenly into life :rise
:to issue suddenly forth
:to spring suddenly from a position
:to set moving

:to set going :to set acting
:to set in operation
:to establish
:to found

:to enter upon
:to begin
:to ennoble someone set out on a course of action
:to help someone
:the beginning of anything
:the beginning of a motion
the beginning of an action
:the beginning of a performance
:an opportunity given to one starting on a course of action
:an opportunity given to one starting on a career
:a spurt of activity
(38) steady
:firmly placed
:firmly fixed

:stable in position
:stable in equilibrium
:even in movement
:regular in movement
:free from change
:free from variation
:settled habits
:sober habits
:to be calm
:to control yourself
:to make steady in position
:to make steady in movement
:to make steady in action
:to make steady in character
:to become steady
:in a firm manner
:in a steady manner

:to rouse to effort by encouragement
:to excite to its functional activity
:to act as a stimulant
(40) straight
:in a perfect vertical plane
:in a perfect horizontal plane
:evenly formed
:evenly set
:honest conduct
:honorable dealings
:upright methods
:reliable information
:right reasoning
:right thinking
:correct as reasoning
:correct thinking
:correct as a thinker
:in the proper order
:in the proper condition
:continuous :thoroughgoing
:without change in the original melody
:written in a direct manner
:written in an objective manner
:in a straight line
:in an even form
:in an even position
:in an erect posture
:directly to the point
:in a steady course
:into the proper form
:into the proper condition
:in possession of the truth
:in possession of true ideas
:the condition of being straight

pages 235 to 240

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