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1 raise 20 repel
2 ratify 21 repent
3 rational 22 reputable
4 rationality
23 resist
5 real 24 respect
6 realize 25 respectful
7 reasonable 26 responsiveness
8 recall
27 rest
9 receive 28 restore
10 receptive 29 restraint
11 refined 30 retain

12 regard 31 retiring
13 regular 32 reveal
14 rejoice 33 reverse
15 release 34 rich
16 reliable 35 riches
17 relief
36 righteous
18 relish
37 rise
19 repair

:to move to a higher position
:to lift up
:to elevate
:to cause to stand
:to build
:to erect
:to set up the framework of
:to set in motion
:to activate
:to care for the growth of
:to promote the growth of
:to serve in the capacity of parent to
:to raise
:to give rise to
:to bring up
:to bring about
:to put forward
:to restore to life
:to give vigor to
:to animate
:to advance in dignity
:to gather together
:to increase in force
:to cause the voice to be heard
:to cause to rise by expansion and become light
:to increase in value
:to establish communication with
:to increase wages
:the amount of increased wages
:a raising
:a lifting
:bringing something up above its original position

(2) ratify
:to confirm by expressing consent
:to confirm by expressing approval
:to confirm by expressing formal sanction

:agreeable to reason
:having reason
:having sound judgment
:having good sense
:exercising reason
:exercising sound judgment
:exercising good sense
:being in full possession of one's reason
:characterized by full possession of one's reason
:endowed with the faculty of reason
:of reasoning powers
:pertaining to reasoning powers
:constituting reasoning powers
:proceeding from reason
:derived from reason
:based on reason

:the state of being rational
:the quality of being rational
:the possession of reason
:agreeableness to reason
:the exercise of reason

:a reasonable view
:a reasonable practice

(5) real
:existing as fact
:occurring as fact
:being an actual thing
:having objective existence
:being actually such
:sincere :existent
:pertaining to the existent
:an image formed by the actual convergence of rays
:in reality
:in actuality
:something that actually exists
:reality in general
:a faithful rendering of facts
:applies to the facts in nature

:to understand clearly
:to make real
:to give reality to a hope
:to give reality to a plan
:to bring vividly to the mind
:to convert as a profit
:to obtain as a profit from labor
:to obtain as an income from labor
:to obtain as a profit from investment
:to obtain as an income from investment
:proceeds from a sale
:to convert goods in cash
:to convert cash into goods

(7) reasonable
:agreeable to reason
:agreeable to sound judgment
:not exceeding the limit prescribed by reason
:moderate in price
:endowed with reason
:the faculty of reasoning
:simple common sense

(8) recall
:to bring back from memory
:to recollect
:to remember
:to call back
:to summon to return
:to bring one's thoughts back to matters previously considered
:to bring one's attention back to matters previously considered
:to revise

(9) receive
:to take into one's possession

:to have something bestowed
:to have something conferred
:to have delivered to one
:to have brought to one
:to get informed of
:to be informed of
:to hold
:to contain
:to take into the mind
:to apprehend mentally
:to meet with
:to experience
:to be at home to
:to greet guests
;to welcome guests
:to admit a person to a place
:to accept as solid
:to accept as true
:to accept as approved

(10) receptive
:having the quality of receiving
:having the quality of taking in
:having the quality of admitting
:able to receive knowledge
:quick to receive ideas
:willing to receive suggestions with favor
:inclined to receive suggestions with favor
:willing to receive affairs with favor
:inclined to receive offers with favor
:of reception
:pertaining to reception

(11) refined
:having well bred feeling
:having well bred taste
:showing well bred feeling
:showing well bred taste
:feed from impurities
:very precise
:very exact

(12) regard
:to look upon with a particular feeling
:to think of with a particular feeling
:to have respect for
:to show respect for
:to have concern for
:to show concern for
:to consider
:to take into account
:to look at
:to observe
:to relate to
:to see in a particular way
:to look at in a particular way
:to conceive of in a particular way
:to show attention to
:to pay attention to
:to look
:an aspect
:a point
:a particular
:kindly feeling
:kindly liking
:sentiments of esteem
:sentiments of affection

(13) regular
:evenly arranged
:uniformly arranged
:characterized by fixed principle
:characterized by uniform procedure
:recurring at fixed times
:adhering to a rule
:adhering to a procedure
:observing fixed habits
:well ordered
:conforming to some acceptable rule
:conforming to some acceptable discipline
:carried out in accordance with an accepted principle
:carried out in accordance with an accepted rule
:formally correct
:properly qualified in an occupation
:properly engaged in an occupation
:fully deserving of its specified designation
:conforming to the most prevalent pattern of formation
:conforming to the most prevalent pattern of construction
:governed by one law throughout
:a habitual client
:a habitual customer
:a garment designed for average build

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