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:a person who strongly influences for good the destiny of a place
:a person who strongly influences for good the destiny of a thing







:of good birth


:of good family

:characteristic of good birth



:easily handled

:easily managed








:to tame



:to mollify

:to calm

:to pacify

:to make gentle

:to stroke

:to soothe by petting

:to ennoble

:to dignify

:belonging to the same family

:deliberate kindness in dealing with others

:deliberate forebearance,in dealing with others


:possessing the purported character

:possessing the purported quality

:possessing the purported origin



:properly so called

:free from pretense


:proceeding from the original stock

:pure in breed




:morally excellent

:morally virtuous


:satisfactory in quality

:satisfactory in quantity

:satisfactory in degree











:in good standing



























:satisfactory for the purpose




:skillfully done

:expertly done




:of relatively fine quality



:fairly great

:to implement an agreement

:to fulfill

:to be successful

:to substantiate

:to verify

:to accomplish

:to execute







:moral righteousness




:the ideal of goodness

:the ideal of morality


(9)good natured

:having a pleasant disposition

:showing a pleasant disposition

:showing a cheerful disposition

(110) good will

:friendly disposition



:cheerful acquiescence

:cheerful consent

:an intangible asset:a short prayer in which a blessing is asked :a short prayer in which thanks are given

:to lend grace to

:to add grace to

:to favor

:to honor


:characterized by beauty of form

:characterized by beauty of manner

:characterized by beauty of movement

:characterized by beauty of speech

(114) gradual

:taking place by degrees

:changing by degrees

:moving by degrees

:taking place little by little

:changing little by little

:moving little by little

:rising at an even inclination

:rising at a moderate inclination

:pertaining to steps

:a service sun

1 hale
2 happiness
3 happy
'4 harmless
5 harmonious
6 hasten
7 health
8 healthy
9 hearten
10 heavenly
11 help
12 hero
13 high
14 hire
15 holy
16 honest
17 honesty
18 honor
19 honorable
20 hopeful
21 hospitable
22 human
23 humane
24 humble
25 humility

(1) hale
:free from infirmity
:free from defect
:free from injury
:the quality of being happy
:the state of being happy :good fortune
:aptness of expression
:felicity of expression
:an active state of pleasure
:a passive state of pleasure
:an active state of pleasurable satisfaction
:a passive state of pleasurable satisfaction
:the possession of what one considers good
:the attainment of what one considers good
(3) happy
:delighted over a particular thing
:pleased over a particular thing
:glad over a particular thing
:characterized by pleasure
:indicative of pleasur
:characterized by contentmnt
:indicative of contentment
:characterized by joy
:indicative of joy

:favored by fortune
:apt actions
:felicitous actions
:apt utterances
:felicitous utterances
:apt ideas
:felicitous ideas
(4) harmless
:without the power to do harm
:without the desire to do harm
:without injury

(5) harmonious
:marked by agreement in feeling
:marked by agreement inaction
:forming a pleasingly consistent whole
:agreeable to the ear

(6) hasten
:to move with haste
:to act with haste
:to proceed with haste
:to cause to hasten
:to accelerate

(7) health
:the general condition of the body
:the general condition of the mind
:soundness of body
:soundness of mind
:soundness of spirit
:soundness of emotions

:possessing good health
:enjoying good health
:possessing a sound mentality
:enjoying a vigorous mentality
:pertaining to good health
:characteristic of good health
:pertaining to a sound mind
:pertaining to a vigorous mind
:conducive to health
:that which promotes health
:what possesses health
:what is conducive to health
(9) hearten
:to give courage to
:to give confidence to
(10) heavenly
:of the heavens

:in the heavens
:of the heaven of Good
:of the heaven of angels
:belonging to the heaven of Good
:belonging to the heaven of angels
:coming from the heaven of Good
:coming from the heaven of angels
:resembling heaven
:befitting heaven

(111) help

:to give what is necessary to accomplish a task
:to provide what is necessary to accomplish a task
:to give what is necessary to satisfy a need
:to provide what is necessary to satisfy a need
:to contribute strength
:to contribute means to
:to render assistance to
:to cooperate effectively with
:to save
:to rescue
:to make easier
:to contribute to
:to facilitate
:to be useful to
:to be profitable to
:to relieve
:to relieve someone in need
:to remedy
:to prevent
:to serve
:to give aid
:to be of service
:to be of advantage
:to assist in an effort
:to be of aid to

:the act of helping



:one who helps

:that which helps

:a hired helper



:to furnish another with something needed at a particular time
:furnishing anything that furthers efforts
:furnishing anything that relieves want
:furnishing anything that relieves necessities

(12) hero

:a person of distinguished courage

:a person of distinguished ability

:a person admired for noble qualities

:a person admired for noble deeds

:a person who has heroic qualities

:a person who has performed a heroic act

:is regarded as a model

:is regarded as an ideal
:an immortal being

(13) high

:having a great reach
pages 109 to 120

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